Information of application for the academic place


1. Economic conditions

1.1. Rates

1.2. Confirmation

1.3. Additional Guarantee and deposit

1.4. Dining Service

1.5. Laundry service

1.6. Extra cleaning service

1.7. Other services

2. Length of the accommodation contract

3. Allocation of places

4. Advance registration process

4.1. Deadline

4.2. Formalization

5. Application process

5.1. Acceptance letter

5.2. Publication of list of admitted / ace and waiting list

5.3. Receiving the contract and attached documents

5.4. Room Allocation

5.5. Receiving the contract and the attached documents

5.6. Allocation of places

6. Recruitment process

6.1. Acceptance of the accommodation contract

6.2. Sending documents to the residence

7. Waiting list




The price of the residence is made up of the housing, complementary services and other optional services. Prices are calculated based on the square footage of each available room, the most common are shown below. You can view the full table in the original basis. The award of the room types is done at the discretion of the Residence, resident can choose between single, double or adapted room.

 Full BoardHalf Board
Individual Room Type 1 834,10 € 712,10 €
Double Room Type 3 710,58 € 588,58 €

Taxes 10% not included.

Prices per person and per month. Accommodation includes: accommodation, use of common areas, 24h concierge service, cleaning of common areas, building maintenance.

Complementary services includes delivery and bath linens, weekly housekeeping, weekly change of bedding and bath, wi-fi in public and private areas, servicing of the rooms, kitchenware, household appliances (coffee maker, microwave, fridge with freezer cabinet, etc..). Internet connection in the room.

Electricity and consumption of hot and cold water is paid apart.

Does not include phone calls made to the outside of the building, personal laundry, which will be charged separately.

Monthly fees will be paid quarterly, with the exception of September that will be paid alone with a guarantee, between the 1st and 5th of each month through direct debit, charged to the account specified in the registration form. Students not resident in Spain must open a bank account in Spain for the monthly debit.

Payment calendar:

  • Before 25 August (paid by transference): monthly fee September + administration costs and activities+ guarantee
  • 1-5 October: quarter 1 October to 31 December.
  • 1-5 January: quarter 1 January to 31 de March.
  • 1-5 de April:  quarter 1 April to 30 June.


This amount serves as reservation and is part of an Additional Guarantee requested for the course.

• All residents: 500 €

1.3. Additional Guarantee and deposit:

Once you are accepted / to the residence, you will have to pay the € 500 quoted in Art. above, corresponding to the additional 500 € Warranty seeking the residence to ensure the proper use and conservation of both the room itself, as the household provided to each resident. It was also given a deposit of amount for one month to be deposited into the Community of Madrid. Under no circumstances may charge the security deposit to pay the last contract month. Former residents will regularize the additional guarantee deposit from the previous year since the publication of the list of admissions on the website of the Residence.

1.4.Dining Service:

Includes: Lunch (from 13:00 to 16:00 h) and/or dinner (from 20:00 to 22:00 h), everyday except holidays. The dining room can have a reduced schedule which you will have to consult with the residence management.

Full board includes lunch and dinner, everyday excluding holiday periods stipulated by the school calendar. Half board includes lunch or dinner everyday excluding holiday periods stipulated by the school calendar. Students who opt for this service will have to give prior notice to the reception center at the beginning of the course if you will choose the lunch or dinner service. Half board is included for every residents.


The residence has a laundry room, with auto-washing, washing costs 2.5€ and 1.5€ drying. Also has a space reserved for ironing. Residents can apply the iron at the reception mode on free loan. On the other hand, there is the possibility of hiring an external laundry. Pricing per garment will be posted on the bulletin board or will be available at the reception.

1.6.Extra cleaning service:

It is possible to hire a cleaning service extra room at a unit price of 20 € VAT 10% not included.

1.7.Other services:

Phone: All rooms have their own telephone, connected to the switchboard of the building, which allows direct access to the telephone network. Calls between dorm rooms are free. External calls are billed directly to the month following receipt of the consumer.



The accommodation contract is signed for a mandatory minimum term and complete of 10 months, until 30/06.


The allocation of places for students will be given by the scale established the Basis, according to criteria of belonging to the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, away from the family home, large family, academic record and length of stay. It will also assess whether you have siblings already living in the residence, the antiquity of the student and internal disciplinary and university.




For new residents the pre-registration deadlines are as follows: From 1st May until 05 July.


To register in advance at the residence is absolutely essential to have an email address as all the paperwork is done online. To properly formalize the registration should follow the following steps:

Must properly online registration form. You will automatically receive an email at the address specified on the form. If pre-register after not receiving any emails, is that it has been wrongly entered in the registration form and you will have to start the process again.



5.1. Acceptance letter:

Students admitted will receive the admission letter by mail within approximately 7 days of the registration is made.

5.2. Publication of list of admitted and waiting list:

As of July 15 will be published on the website of the Residence, the list of accepted and, where appropriate, the waiting list.

5.3. Once admitted, residents have one week to formalize their place and to transfer the payment on account the additional guarantee for an amount of 500 €. Do not forget to put your name on the concept of banking.

5.4 Send e-mail scanning the bank receipt of the additional guarantee transfer  

We recommend you to call the residence (+34 91 775 30 42) to check the correct receipt of all documents.

5.5. Allocation of places:

Allocation of places to students will be done by the head of the residence hall and students could not intervene in that decision. Management reserves the right to change, during the stay, the room assigned, provided that the new room is the same type as initially contracted.


6.1. On arrival at the residence will proceed to finalize the contract accommodation, providing the current week's arrival for acceptance and signature.

6.2. Sending the students' documents: Accommodations at this residence are classified as sheltered accommodation for specific groups under the Resolution the Department of Housing and Rehabilitation issued on May 13, 2011, under Royal Order 2066/2008 of 12 December, regulating the National Housing and Rehabilitation 2009-2012, as amended by Royal Order 1713/2010, of 17 December and Decree 74/2009, of 30 July, approving the Regulation Housing with Protection public Community of Madrid. Therefore, prior to signing the contract the student must provide the documents listed in the rules for admission to be attached to the contract and sent the Community of Madrid for the approval of the same. Contact the reception of the residence to check you qualify and receive information on how and where to look for information, or download the complete rules here.


The residence hall will open a waiting list for all those students who gave presented their application, and have not been admitted to the initial list. Contacts will be made with the waiting list whenever a vacancy has taken place, for which reason it will be necessary to clearly specify all telephone numbers and electronic mail address in the advance registration form so that the applicant may be contacted during the summer.

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